Book Creation 2017

Writing and creating books has been ongoing for more than 2000 years. The history facilitated by Gutenberg’s invention of multiplication through the printing press has helped along the reformist movement of Martin Luther as well. Single pieces of book art are more rare. The Bibliotheca Wittockiana in Brussels has a rich collection and changing exhibitions. The photo below was taken there in July 2017.

As I attended a workshop on book binding held by Mina Aboudarr I went through all steps of book production myself to get a hands-on impression of this centuries old profession and art work in special cases. With much fun I walked through the process of writing, months before, and self-production of my very own monograph. Self-publishing is likely to be the next step. Currently the book is “in pressing” but not in press.
… and all beginings have some magic … or in original voice from Hermann Hesse: … und jedem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne, …

Start-up anniversary

The first start-up anniversary is a kind of a test. Yes, I am sure I did the right decision to go independent, pursuing 100% my own research interests and teaching preferences. That’s a comfortable and exciting opportunity. Lot’s of work in all sorts of domains. Webediting, accounting, project management, publishing, teaching committments in Bremen, Berlin and Brussels.

Most interesting progress has been made on the drafting of a new monograph. Should be out this summer! Yeah, great fun, even if stressful at times. I’ll keep you updated.