There is a new start-up scene in development in Germany. Interesting to witness the new entrepreneurial spirit. Many of the youngsters grow out of their peer community, wanting to try new ways of working and living together. The new bottom-up or grassroots form of growing a business out of a subculture seems to be an adequate response to the growing diversity of societies and easier ways of community building through online social media. Name it “reach” today, it is similar to what you previously called having a customer base. The new element refers to a blending of cultures. Learning through being online connected to the world, yes, the whole world, allows wide-spread influences from other sub-cultures, be they American, Asian or African. The young are open-minded to new stimuli like “Ikigai” from Japan and of course the life histories of founders and individual biographies from entrepreneurs like the legend of Steve Jobs, Apple’s legendary founder. Imagineering has become part of the movie-influenced influencers. Short clips out of a longer story build communities. The witty comment, like at school, gets more attention than the long boring story of the preacher, teacher or the mansplainer. The experience of “flow” is all around these communities and this creates the specific magic of the start-up scene. They take each other to new levels, mutually, reinforcing their preferences and life-styles. They are well aware of the risks they are taking. “Keinhorn” German short for “not an Einhorn”, the one billion value threshold for super successful enterprises taught them crucial lessons. (competence: problem-solving). The “ecology of organisations” which I referred to in my courses at the now renamed “Constructor University” (previously “International University Bremen”, then “Jacobs University”, let’s see what is next?) is an important research tradition to assess the “survival” of enterprises. I still recommend this University, which I quit to embark on new endeavours. It carries in its names the important
algorithmic message: start, fail, change, (repeat).
Its like music in my ears. All together now!

IMG_2948  – my video-clip beyond fail-compilations.
start, fail, change: repeat – you’ll get there eventually