The exhibition of photos and film on “masculinities,liberation through photography” is an excellent example of how artistic approaches to central social phenomena enrich our understanding. The collection of images on masculinities enlightens and reveals the social construction of masculinity. All persons interested in such basic questions should grab the opportunity to pay a visit to the Barbican Centre in London until May 2020 (Later also in Berlin). Perfect choice of a location as the Barbican Centre represents a fine example of “brutal architecture” in London. This is already worth a visit for those not familiar with such concepts. Prepare to get lost somewhere in the multitude of cultural offerings. It feels like Centre Pompidou in Paris, but has additionally a splendid concert hall.

Depending on the time and location of our upbringing we are subject to different social constructions of masculinity. Browse through family collections of photos from grand fathers, fathers and your own youth and maybe your children. From the perspective of how masculinity has been framed at different epochs and across continents, it is obvious that masculinity just as feminity are constructed by social discourse, social choices and media representations. Make it a choice – nowadays – yes we can !
Read on with a critic published in “The Guardian” or “The Sunday Times“.



Auf der internationalen Industriemesse in Hannover #HM19 wurde auf dem Pioneer Summit am 2.4.2019 wieder überraschend viel Deutsch gesprochen. Dem EU-Kommissar Öttinger auf Deutsch zuzuhören ist erfreulicher als auf Englisch. Der Vortrag von Klaus Helmrich, immerhin Mitglied des Vorstands der Siemens AG auf Deutsch zu folgen, ebenfalls bereichernd.  Der unglückliche englischsprachige Titel “Thinking industry further!” kann man sich mit Industrie weiterdenken zurecht reimen. Genauer war dann der Untertitel: “Die nächste Stufe des Digital Enterprise”. Von “Made in Germany” sind wir längst zu “engineered in Germany” übergegangen. Aber das war Industrie 3.0. Bei der Industrie 4.x spielen vernetzte Standorte der Produktion, Entwicklung und Kunden eine zentrale Rolle. Sprachpolitik kann hierbei zu einem kleinen und bescheidenem Sicherheitsvorteil werden. Übersetzungsfehler von Längenmaßen (inch in centimeter) oder anderen Details verursachen kostspielige “Engineering Disaster” wohl auch bei AIRBUS industries aufgetreten.

Einigen Diplomaten und Journalisten zufolge wird selbst in der EU Kommission seit dem Brexit-Votum bereits mehr in anderen Muttersprachen geplaudert,  zumindest in den Kaffeepausen. Willkommen in der alten, Neuen Vielfalt. Sprachen und Kulturen Verstehen lernen lohnt sich wieder.

Bild von Victor Vasarely copyright mehr Informationen zur Person
Ausstellung noch bis 6.5.2019 im  Centre Pompidou 


737 Max 8 and Science

The 346 persons who died in crashes of the fairly new airplanes of Boeing 737 Max have nothing to gain from the ex-post evaluation of the crash. The journal “Scientific American” published an interview with a former Boeing employee who puts a relationship of the two crashes into doubt. The article in the online version of the 13th of March by Mrs. Gohd is full of stereotypes rather than scientific information. This puts science or science journalism into a bad light. Please read for yourself (Link here).
Let’s wait for the black box to be read! and then judge, but not wait for further casualties please. The “precautionary principle“, to protect persons from harm for example by introducing not suffienctly testes new technology, makes a lot of sense in the aviation industry. That’s why the EU might be slower in the adoption of some innovations, but is more likely to avoid fatal accidents as a consequence of hasty innovation.

Rodin’s famous sculpture sums up the need and grief to think twice before you act. Mourning of the dead due to neglect of sufficient thought prior to action included. At least, this is  my modern interpretation of this piece of art with respect to responsibility and the precautionary principle.
(Foto taken in Stockholm, Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde  art museum).

Nobel prize museum

The visit to the splendid Nobel museum in Stockholm is of course a highlight for all scientists. Even if the social sciences including economics do not get awarded an official Nobel prize. More impressions of Stockholm here.

The Nobel prize for peace was awarded to Martin Luther King, but one of the persons he most admired Mahatma Gandhi never received the prize, or not in time before being shot.

… and some like songwriter Bob Dylan (not Dylan Thomas) received the Nobel prize 2016 for literature, most likely to give the Nobel prize a more popular image. Without intonation the poems sound rather flat and do not stand up easily against other previous awardees like Patrick Modiano 2014 or Herta Müller 2009.

Useful sources for further investigations are:  or  , which also contains some enlightening overview statistics (male/female; languages) of laureates.