Everyday objects

If you were wondering whether everyday objects can be a piece of art, then the exhibition at the “Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin” is for you. Isa Genzken challenges our traditional view of everyday objects through small transformations of these objects. At first sight you “only” see something utterly familiar to you. A window, a radio, a rose or a wheelchair are immediately recognisable. However, all objects have a little twist to them causing some alienation, questioning or finding new connections. This is the stimulating experience of a visit of the exhibition. The booklet gives an informative overview of choice of sculptures chosen for the exhibition. Walking around in the spacious entry forum allows to appreciate the objects from many angles and in different lighting including twilight. Allow yourself to be challenged. Distancing your perspective beyond the obvious object you recognise broadens our vision of what we see and how we perceive it. The huge pink rose in front of the gallery overshadows even the monumental appearance of the Neue Nationalgalerie. In memoriam “Rosa Luxemburg” and Karl Liebknecht who were murdered not far away, near the “Landwehrkanal” in 1919.
Some visitors might like the skyscraper models she created to remind us that “design catastrophe” with the usual high rising buildings are pervasive around the world. Sculpture as architecture or architecture as sculpture has been her forward looking work from 2008 “Ground Zero – Hospital”.
With the construction work in full swing in the neighbourhood of the gallery with the design of a barn (Scheune) we understand the choice of the artist as a timely reminder that Berlin could be more daring in the architectural design.

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