Book Creation 2017

Writing and creating books has been ongoing for more than 2000 years. The history facilitated by Gutenberg’s invention of multiplication through the printing press has helped along the reformist movement of Martin Luther as well. Single pieces of book art are more rare. The Bibliotheca Wittockiana in Brussels has a rich collection and changing exhibitions. The photo below was taken there in July 2017.

As I attended a workshop on book binding held by Mina Aboudarr I went through all steps of book production myself to get a hands-on impression of this centuries old profession and art work in special cases. With much fun I walked through the process of writing, months before, and self-production of my very own monograph. Self-publishing is likely to be the next step. Currently the book is “in pressing” but not in press.
… and all beginings have some magic … or in original voice from Hermann Hesse: … und jedem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne, …

Welcome to

Growing-up in a family business has taught me the ups and downs of being self-employed. Not only managing your own affairs, but also responsibility for employees, both play an important role in this function. It is even more delicate if more persons from the family are involved in decision-making.

In this start-up-webpage it is all easy. Doing it all by myself limits the risks as well as the speed of evolution. The “birth of a nation” image taken in Brussels near the European Commission building sums it all up. Brexit pending.  Webdesign is an interesting skill and despite templates a creative activity. Of course, webpages are accessed more through mobile devices than traditional desktop computers. Accordingly, we adapted the basic outlay of to this use.

It seems that a whole family of businesses is in the process of development. We keep you updated here.
Ongoing is my teaching at Jacobs University Bremen gGmbH. Undergradute and postgraduate courses and Ph.D. supervision are continuous challenges to reflect on established knowledge and to dwell into new areas.  My latest teaching on consumer, culture and society covered for example prosumption and the platform economy.

Fascination with the extension of 3D-vison to 4D imagination as the moving of the cube  (see below) brings me back to the origins of my research in life course developments. Hence the creation of a logo under own copyright protection.

Publications will be listed here soon and made available largely free of charge. Some publications based on consulting projects will be available through the online-shop. Or refer to the research page on this webpage already for a glimpse.