Happiness in Hospital

Whenever you have to go to a hospital, briefly estimate the happiness or job satisfaction of the person working there. This seems to be a good indicator of the probability that they perform, or are willing to perform, a good job. After all the staff is not all “superhumans”. Previous work on job satisfaction in the EU and Canadian nurses already indicates what a small inquiry into job satisfaction in a hospital in Keny revealed. Current dissatisfaction levels among hospital staff is unlikely to have no effects at all, but we do not even dare to collect appropriate data. In a previous study we used “nested” data collection team-leader and employees in the team to analyse such effects on varius team-climate parameters. Appropriate multi-level modelling of the data can yield trustworthy results. Would be nice to proceed with such a study across Europe. Outcomes measures such as medium patient satisfaction might be optimal to measure additionally. Well,  just dreaming again about what kind of data we would need to roughly estimate how much more resources are needed in the health sector.