We don’t need no education?

The OECD has published new results from the PISA round of data collection from 2018 in December 2019. Some results seem to be more trustworthy than others, particularly when different motivations of pupils are taken into account to participate at their best in such surveys. On the 3rd of December in Brussels a school had just a visit by police, apparently called in by the headmaster, to restore order. The newspaper “Le Soir” published on the 4th December an account of what happened in that nice-looking school from the outside near the famous DUDEN-Park in Forèt, Bruxelles.

On the 4th December, also in Brussels, there was the final conference of the “friends-project“. This EU-cofinanced project tries to build more links of institutions that apply Montessori learning in schools. Maybe it would be a good idea to get the two places in touch with eachother somehow. On the partnership page of the Erasmus+-project there is a Belgian partner. Okay, transcendental meditation is not for everybody, but calming spirits and frustrations to avoid school drop-out and stigmatisation of youth as violent is obviously the worst case scenario.


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