Who can’t get no satisfaction?

Life satisfaction, job satisfaction and satisfaction with family life and/or leisure continue to be a passionate research issue (Steffen Otterbach, Alfonso Sousa-Poza, Valerie Møller, 2019). Nice to find that most of my own research in this area is still coroborated with different cohort data recently. The good message is that former findings seem still to be valid. The bad message is that in young ages between 15 and 44 most of the satisfaction levels keep getting worse before they start to get better (mostly only after 45). Marriage has mixed effects, but having children is good for family life, but bad for your satisfaction with leisure time. Nothing really new here, you might have guessed it.
Would be nice to know more about regional or rural/urban differences of satisfaction as well as what might be consequences of satisfaction/dissatisfaction in the short or medium-term. But I am satisfied with the interim findings already presented.

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