For everyone who enjoys a good walk, with or without dog, Alberto Giacometti is an artist of interest. The world-famous statue “L’homme qui marche” can be admired in several places. Chur (CH) is the artist’s place of death. The most prestigious galleries in Switzerland all have one or several of his art works. In the Bündner Museum in Chur three sculptures of women are perfectly put into correspondence in one exposition room. Eli and Anette from the years 1961 and 1965 talk to Francine with her arms closed in front (title: buste d’une femme). The latter one is from 1962, but was only finished and released as sculpture in 1966, the year of his death or departure. This seems to close a wide circle of creation in the life course of this itinerating artist. Walking the exhibition from sculpture to sculpture is a first step towards meditation walks. Awareness of the stories of the personalities involved widens our horizons. Alberto Giacometti is one of the many artists from the family of the Giacomettis. In the museum in Chur the other family members are well represented, too. Women artists seem to be missing there, probably this needs additional generations.

Bündner Kunstmuseum 2023

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