We mostly think of greenwashing of big polluting industries , but there many other ways to cheat with green labels. When you travel through green Switzerland you might be surprised of how the Swiss way of greenwashing works. In order to survive as tourist attraction with less snow (Study published in Nature Climate change 2023) and reduced numbers of trees, greenwashing has to happen quickly before tourists arrive again.

The challenge is to clear your sick parts of the forest quickly and to build new ways for fast lifts to heights in the mountains where you are likely to find snow at least for the next 30 years after which the investment is amortized. (quote from Neue Zürcher Zeitung 5.8.2023 p11). This all is carried through in speedy fashion and probably in the most polluting way you can imagine. Heidi would cry in the arms of her grandfather and join Greta in the school strike.

Graubünden 8-2023
Pilotis Pilotitis 2023

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