Still Sleeping

In the Covid-19 crisis many more people got more sleep than usual. Lockdowns and home office helps to prolong recovery periods from work. Additionally more physical exercise due to local shopping only might carry enormous health benefits. Cardio-vascular disease (CVD) benefits might only be seen much later for many persons. According to a recently published health study in the journal of “Preventing Chronic Disease” sleeping too long (>9 hours) is also an indication of not ideal cardiovascular health as sleeping too little (<6 hours). This is a rather new finding, because previously we only thought not sleeping enough is bad for your heart, blood pressure and obesity. For public health scholars the potential positive impact of Covid-19 consists in the increased physical activities of many persons in (soft lockdowns). Strict lockdowns (with stay at home only) might have the opposite effect as later on Cardio-vascular diseases (CVD) might be a medium  term consequence. The different lockdown policies in the EU are a huge “natural experiment” of wider public health topics. Researchers just have to go out an measure in representative sampes impacts in two countries with different lockdowns over a longer period. In the paper more than 150 minutes of moderate hysical exercise (i.e. walking 6x25min per week) already contributed to improve the association of cardiovascular health and sleep. Ok – here I leave my desk for a walk !!! Thinking about Hippokrates, Pasteur, Koch.