Industrial Policy

Industrial Pioneers Summit: At the Hannover Messe on 2nd April 2019 Professor Detlef Zühlke, Executive Chairman, smartfactory-KL e.V. – Industrie 4.0 & Smart Factory talked about his baby: Industry 4.0, a word like a “cloud in the sky”. According to him the 4th industrial revolution with the smart factory, just like the smart home developments, is the current stage of development of industry. After the previous phase of the 3rd industrial revolution “automization”, which we also know from the home with our washing and coffee machines, we govern our factories and homes more and more from smart connected devices.

With artificial intelligence around the corner, the usual cooperation of users and machines or robots as standard, we need to make careful choices for the “User Interface Design” to develop it into a “User Experience Design”. Well put. The user wants green industries and products. Hence get your CO² footprint right as well. 

Lots of sociology at the fair. Instead of individualization from the 80s and 90s the pioneers of industry now talk about “the segment of one” in production. It just means a specific product for each customer to make the person believe s/he is really individually served.

The nexus of global and local (glocal) politics and consumerism is adapted to production. Glocalization (definition here) in industrial strategy has a different meaning: bring your production very near the consumer or directly to customers, this also beats the mass production advantage of low wage cost countries. With big data from local customers you can tailor-make the product at the edge of your market (sneakers for example). Hannover Messe always worth a visit for sociologist, too. Greening of production not yet really a mainstream trend, but several “Leuchttürme” at places.