Das musicorum Festival in Brüssel ist gut für außergewöhnliche Überraschungen. Am 20-7-2023 gab es dort ein Konzert des Trio Errance. Sopranistin Julie Gebhart, Pianistin Nao Momitani und Klarinettist Rudy Mathey hatten ein kurzweiliges Konzert mit dem Titel Ode au voyage zusammengestellt Von Mahlers Auszug aus der 4. Symphonie 4. Satz „wir genießen die himmlischen Freuden“ wanderten wir Schuberts Hirten auf dem Felsen folgend zu den modernen „trois itinérances“ von Claude Ledoux. Von Romantik bis zur Trauerarbeit nach dem Attentat in Brüssel 2016 waren wir auf traumhaften sowie traumatischen Reisen. Dank dem hervorragenden Trio und dem Komponisten in Anwesenheit mit kurzer Einführung haben wir uns nicht auf diesem Weg verloren gefühlt. Emotional gestärkt sind wir auf dem Weg vorangeschritten. Eine wirkliche Feier- und Gedenkstunde.

Black White

Working at the Bibliothèque nationale de France (, just like visiting, allows you to benefit from the many temporary exhibitions based primarily on their own collections and donations to the BnF. For those who like “dessins, estampes, photographies”, there is a small exhibition as of June 2023 which features on these three techniques in the work of a single artist Edgar Degas from the impressionist movement. Walking through the exhibition or slowly scrolling the press documentation allows you to follow the artistic life course of Edgar Degas. He started with the pencil dessin and evolved to the printing of a single or sequences of “estampes” (up to 20) to impress us beyond black and white with multiples of 50 shades of grey. Degas seems like continuously searching for the uniqueness of the moment to present strong emotions or to summarise interpersonal relationships immersed in a specific spatial setting. Having demonstrated the richness of dessins and estampes as artistic, but a bit laborious technique, he devotes his last few years to a more intensive work taking photographs and proceeding to their development or tirage as printed versions. No matter which technique he applies, he has a special artistic view that allows to capture emotions and immortalise them. The painter’s eye, as well as later on in his artistic career the photographer’s eye, keep scrutinising himself in various forms of “auto-portraits”. Beyond youth, the pervasive obsession with selfies nowadays had its artistic precursor Edgar Degas for example. Whereas most photographers would classify a double exposure as a “raté”, Degas experimented with this almost like a cubist, Picasso-like techniques in photography. Actually, the last few images in the exhibition show the artistic reference Picasso made in his work to images, impressions and techniques that inspired him throughout his artistic work. There are amazing links in and across the history of art or arts. (BnF expo Edgar Degas 2023).