“Quercus petraea” is the classification name of the sessile oak, the Irish Oak or “chêne sessile” in French, “Eiche” in German. Many European nations cherish their oak trees. It can reach the size bigger than a normal family home and they may live longer than the person who has planted it. Within less than a century, due to industrialisation, most of our more than a century old trees have been lost or used for timber wood. Therefore, it is quite unique to find a reference to a 500 year old oak tree nearby Paris. Despite a fire in this forest 5 years ago (climate change in full action) the old oak tree has survived. Birds around  keep spreading the message that it is worth to preserve nature. We could do it, if we really wanted. Now the oak tree older than the protestant revolution is a rare testimony of the stubbornness of nature to resist.

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