Shake Hands

Shaking Hands, like rubbing noses or kissing cheeks are social practices you will have to master depending on which society you live in. After the Covid-19 crisis we have become more careful to shake hands or exchanges of touching another person. The handshake has another medical function as well. If we are approaching eachother to shake hands, we prepare our handgrip mentally and physically.
It is exactly the strength of the handgrip, which serves as measure of another person’s health. Believe it or not, your handgrip is telling a lot about your general muscle strength. Of course, it is possible to conceal the true strength, but most people seem to have an intuitive handgrip with less mentally controlled strength of application. Medical studies mostly confirm the correlation of handgrip strength and frailty in older persons, predominantly for women. The conclusions of these studies lead us to a preventive approach of exercising your hand grip strength and other muscles in order to reduce frailty and to increase even life expectancy. After Covid-19 we should return to shaking hands more forcefully than ever before. Exercising by shaking hands with yourself or shaking your foot with your hand as alternative are fun exercises. The scientifically confounding effect of laughing while exercising might additionally cheer you up. Balance and joy are additional features of a healthy longevity. (Image: Extrait from Degas, copyright BnF, 2023)
Source: Santos S and Paúl C. Handgrip Strength and the Perceived Risk of Institutionalization, Hospitalization and Death. Journal of Fam Med. 2022; 9(4): 1302.