Immune system

A brief review of the press on the coronavirus 3 years after its first appearance shows that we have learned to live with it. Everyone has found the personal way to balance exposure to risk and protection against infection. Long-term consequences are severe for pupils. Many lost friendships, were lonely at home and accumulated missing out on peer advice or effective teaching. 
Overall, strengthening of the immune system is another more complex issue. Some people swear by masks and others keep washing hands, or both. More rare is the vaccination approach against COVID-19. The evolving virus seems to adapt to a seasonal pattern as the influenza had done decades ago. The term seasonal greetings nowadays has an additional flavor to it. We have come out of the 3rd year of the pandemic reasonably well. Preparing for the next winter is left to the scientists to study the ever new variants arising, probably in parts of the world where winter is just beginning. Working on our immune system’s strength, however, is up to us. Happy Walking and cold Showering. 2 real newspapers, 3rd one “Pastiche” exposé à la BnF, Paris April 2023.