Berlin is proud to present its princesses after a marvelous lifting. Yes, in the middle of the barbie hype, Berlin exposes two of its princesses of the late 18th century. And you can touch them, if you like or dare to. They don’t bite. I have not seen anybody kissing them either, except for a Spanish football president. All this is happening in the Museum Church Friedrichswerder designed by architect Schinkel an built until 1830s. The grouping of the two sisters was unusual for the time and only the inscription at the bottom introduces the distinction that Louisa on the left is the princess heriting the throne. Frederica on the right is wearing a different foot wear, considered less noble. The privilige to touch the princesses applies only to the smaller copy in front of the image below with “Braille inscription”. The original is further behind. Of course, this one is protected  against unwanted contact with the masses or “followers”. At the time “follower” still had a different meaning from today.

Louisa and Federica, Berlin